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Welcome to possibilities. We've been Tips Products International, now Tips Products Publishing Agency for three+ decades.


Musical titles here reflect earlier times and places. My first and only "papered" career (two music ed degrees) was classical musician and music educator teaching young students strings in New York and Connecticut for twelve years. Loved the kids, yet time to move professionally and geographically.

That fun fact began my career path. Violin and viola moved on, too. Many never knew the musician. San Diego, CA is home since 1996. Snow is a choice -- I pass!!


Imagine increasing your impact and income with what you know. This is 30+ years of trial and error, building the plane while flying it. New things unpredictably appear, magically bringing unlikely entities together as new products. Your knowledge is different than anyone's. Many find yours useful. Sound bites you give away can be new revenue streams for you and your quantity buyers.


Your turn! Do you undervalue your knowledge, thinking everyone knows what you know? They don’t. Or why companies buy hundreds of thousands of your tips booklets when free content is online? My team and I can hardly wait to travel the journey with you. Ready? Let's go!



Monetize Your Sound Bites - 52 Tips on Tips

Think of your tips as delicious appetizers—simple, bite-sized, and irresistible. These small, easily digestible insights not only showcase your expertise but also leave your audience hungry for more, establishing trust and proving your value without giving away the whole recipe.


The Content Licensing Checklist - 2024

A step-by-step guide for Subject Matter Experts and Thought Leader authors to effectively license their intellectual property, covering market analysis, pricing, legal guidelines, and more. Authored by Paulette Ensign, this checklist offers practical, real-world insights.


Licensable Content Intellectual Property Formats

A guide to heighten your awareness as a Subject Matter Expert or Thought Leader to take inventory of what licenseable intellectual property you already have. It may also be a motivator to create new properties you never before considered or that reflect newly learned information. Authored by Paulette Ensign, this checklist is an eye-opener to see new revenue streams you had not previously recognized.


Product Sheets Guide 2024 Edition

Elevate your information product journey with our guide. Learn to maximize profits through bulk sales and licensing, harnessing the power of product sheets to reach more buyers. Recognize the value in marketing first and producing next.


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Tips Booklet Package

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