Paulette Ensign

The Tips Content Strategist

Paulette Ensign had no idea she would sell well over a million copies of her 16-page how-to tips booklet, 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life when writing it in 1991. Or that it would be in multiple languages and formats without spending a penny on advertising. Nothing in her background prepared her for that other than the knowledge she gathered during her career as a Professional Organizing and Productivity Consultant–quite a change from her original degreed profession teaching string instruments in public elementary schools for a dozen years. Yet her can-do attitude prompted and supported those results.

As people wanted to learn her secrets for converting their knowledge into how-to tips-based information products, Paulette developed products and services as she, too, continued learning and exploring seemingly endless possibilities for using content as marketing tools, revenue streams, or both.


While becoming widely known for the tips booklet niche she created, technology was an ever-increasing presence, prompting more opportunities for subject matter experts rather than fewer ways to use their content. The scales started tipping toward more online, digital download delivery formats than printed, tangible versions. Or so it appeared. This actually expanded rather than shrank options, prompting the focus of on tips content development first and product development second.


Founder and The Tips Content Strategist at Tips Products International, which is the parent company of the wholly-owned subsidiary, Tips Products Publishing Agency, Paulette now has more than forty years’ experience with small and mid-size business owners, corporations, and professional associations in numerous industries, worldwide. She and her team look forward to traveling part of your journey with you and serving you as she continues to defy getting old while getting older.

Expand the Value of Your Network

Leverage those tips between your ears with your local networks. That is a successful way to share your knowledge with your colleagues so they have a better idea of who can be a referral for you.

Manage + Respond

Manage the responses you get from your tips as they can lead to new tips. Creating 52 tips from your expertise can easily open a floodgate of more tips for the next set of 52 tips.

Analyze Impact

Start one sentence with a positive verb telling the reader or listener what TO do. A second sentence. explains "why" or "how" in reference to the first sentence.

Tip Management


New Revenue/Profit Stream

Yes, companies and associations will pay you to use your expert how-to tips to promote their service, product, or cause. And they can use them and even re-sell them to others in a wide variety of delivery formats and frequency, one copy at a time, or in very large quantities the way they purchased them from you!

Unique Marketing Tool

Both online and offline, your content is immediately a marketing tool for your business and a marketing tool, educational tool, or both for your buyers. They may distribute your tips to their employees or to a much bigger audience as part of a promotional campaign for your buyers' business.


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