Here's the solution you've been waiting for...
Content Marketing on Social Media
Done For You!
A Money-Maker for You AND Your Clients
From Content You Already Have
Content Re-Purposing
Made Ridiculously Easy!
Enjoy new revenue by licensing your social media posts.
Increase product and service sales from people wanting more.
Be on social media without a personal learning curve.
Have more time to strategize sharing your expertise.
Attract people who care about and share your content.
Why Are So Many Business Owners, Authors, Speakers, and Consultants Frustrated With Social Media Marketing?
You've already spent time creating excellent books, articles, how-to tips booklets, blog posts, white papers, tip sheets, special reports, webinars, and other content to market your expertise.
You may have posted them on social media...are you seeing revenue from it?
Your content is serving only a tiny fraction of what it can actually do for you and for your clients.
What's your strategy for using content as both direct revenue streams and marketing tools, letting your content do all it possibly can?

We have helped our clients create additional untapped revenue streams from previously created content, with results that include:

  • Licensing the right to use their social media content.
  • Attracting commissioned writing and product development work.
  • Gaining speaking, workshop, and consulting bookings.
In fact, with our non-traditional approach to content marketing, you stand out from the crowd.
And we'll show you how to make your social media content SALEABLE as a new revenue stream for you!
Each week, for 3 months at a time, we'll upload one of your how-to tips in 3 different delivery formats on 3 different social media sites plus YouTube.

Each of your videos will be uploaded to YouTube

PLUS - You then choose 3 more social media platforms from the ones here. Each week we post your content on each of the 3 that you choose in:






Why All Those 3's?

3 months is enough time to see what's working best so you can continue with the same formats and sites or fine-tune it to emphasize a channel that's working well.

Repeating one tip in 3 different delivery formats – text, audio, and video - in a single week reinforces your company’s presence as a great information resource and helps people learn better through repetition and various learning styles. And each post guides the visitor back to your website to learn more about how you can serve them with your products and services.

Posting on 3 social media platforms plus YouTube is a wide enough reach for you to know where your best results are.

What Makes Our Approach Different?
We Do It For You!!!

  • Use content you already have in ways you never considered.
  • Advise you on licensing your online content as new revenue streams.
  • Re-purpose each text tip into individual short audios and videos for you.
  • Upload your tips to YouTube and 3 social media sites for you.
  • Post your content in varied delivery formats on social media 3x a week for you.
  • Give you the audio and video files to otherwise use as you choose.
  • Advise you on using your content as value-added bonuses online and offline.
  • Coordinate with your webmaster, publicity advisor, and sales team.
  • Work with you 3 months at a time.

Rave Reviews!

I can't believe it's twenty-five years since Paulette launched the tips booklets idea into the world. I’ve used them about half that time, with great feedback from my customers and clients after receiving one.

Lately I’ve had success granting usage rights to my customers for their social media campaigns. Funeral homes, pharmacies, and assisted living facilities use my "Riding the Waves" tips booklet series on their web sites, in Facebook posts, and on daily call-ins for inspiration. One creative business owner built a video campaign around delivering one of my tips each week.

These new ways to bring my information to the world have increased my own web traffic growth. Who would have thought that one little information nugget could be used in so many different ways? Paulette did! I am sure glad to be learning from her all these years."
Contact us to find out how you can create additional revenue with content you already have. We'll schedule a 15-minute consultation to answer your questions to see if this is a good fit for you and your business. Of course there is no obligation or pressure to simply explore the possibilities.

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Tips Products International (TPI) helps authors, speakers, consultants, coaches, small businesses, corporations, and professional associations sell more books, services, and other how-to information products, make a bigger difference in the lives of more people, and generate new revenue for their business. This happens by re-purposing the content of the client's book(s), articles, blogs, and other existing materials to create new products, focusing on large-quantity non-bookstore sales and licenses. TPI's clients are busy people who are experts in a wide range of topics.

Paulette Ensign, owner and founder of Tips Products International, has been in the publishing and marketing industry since 1991. She has personally sold well over a million copies of "110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life" in several languages and formats, online and offline, worldwide. She and her team's can-do attitude make the process easy, enjoyable, and lucrative.